Dolpo Region Trekking information

Dolpo Region

Dolpo region trekking known as trekking in upper dolpo and lower dolpa treks located on the isolated corner of Trans Himalayan Zone Dolpo is a virgin and divine land in Mid-Western Nepal. Shey-Phoksundo National Park in the core of Dolpo Region is famous for snow leopard. A great Naturalist Rodney Jackson conducted his research on snow leopards in Shey Phoksundo area. The Dolpo is famous for deepest Lake Phoksundo in entire Himalayan Region. Mother Nature created a unique and wonderful treasurer like Dolpo, which is being the shelter of many rare alpine living beings. In spite of tough trails and rugged topography journey to Dolpo area is a life time experience. Tourists rarely visit Dolpo Region and the trekking route is very narrow and steep at places, so good hiking experience is essential for this trek. The altitude ranges from 2500m to 5070m.

Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and Juphat than trek flow the Bheri River to Do-Trap and you entrance to restated area to shey Gompa (upper Dolpo) than you do around trip to shey Phoksundo Lake one of the famous lake in Nepal, and though Juphal. Nepal was once the center of a large empire that extended into the Tibetan and India it now has a large population of both Hindus and is remote and unknown from the western view point because of its distance from the kathmandu.reguler flight to Dolpo airstrips in the west reduce this remoteness somewhat. But they add considerably to the cost of trekking. The trails go along river valleys to the shey phoksundo lake, shey Gompa, many passes and Do-Trap via Saldang Pass, Sangda Pass (5490m) to Jomsom.

 Standing in the midst of the rugged natural landscape of Dolpa in all its beauty, and experiencing its remoteness you cannot help but feel that this is Shangri - la - a region with an aura of mysticism about it. Dolpa, also called "Ba Yul" or the Hidden Valley, has fascinating villages and is a land of mystery, scenery and peace. Isolated and secluded from the outside world by spiraling high mountain passes and restricted entry, mysterious Dolpa had long fascinated and frustrated travelers. David Snellgrove first revealed the mysteries of Dolpa in his book Himalayan Pilgrimage (1961).

 Peter Matthiessen's description of Shey Gompa (Crystal Monastery) in the snow leopard (1979) further piqued readers' interest. In 1988, the valleys leading to Dolpa's Shey-Phoksundo National Park were de-restricted to organized trekking groups who are self-sufficient in food and fuel. Lake Phoksundo is the major attraction of Dolpa. The newly promoted Dolpa Experience Circuit and Phoksundo experience with the natural beauty and cultural experience of Dho and other villages enroute. Another newly promoted trail Dolpa Heritage Circuit takes one through the many monasteries and Buddhist gompas. There are altogether 130 gompas in Dolpa, some of their histories going back to very early times.


The medicinal plant, Yarchagumba (Coerdiopsis sinensis) a type of wild mushroom is found in abundance in this region. Extracts from Yarchagumba are believed to significantly improve health and fitness. Shey Phoksundo National Park, Lake Phoksundo and Shey Gompa are the prime attractions of this region.


Dolpo Region Trekking

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