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Day Hiking

Day Hiking in Nepal is one of the fantastic and joyful holidays in Nepal. Hiking in Nepal present beautiful Himalayan scenery & pass through different valleys of Nepalese lifestyle and it is great way to prepare Trekking in Himalaya or Expedition and peak climbing in Nepal mountain range. Nepal hiking holidays offer cultural heritage sites, rural people and their culture. Hike in Nepal fit for those who has limit holidays to Nepal and fit for all age groups. Nepal has various hiking destination among them Nagarkot hiking , Dhulikhel hiking, Namobudhha hiking, Kakani hiking, Daskinkali hiking is most popular hiking destination in Nepal. Hiking in Nepal can do with in one or two days inside and out side of the Kathmandu valley. HWWT offer various type of Hiking holiday in Nepal from 1 day to one weeks as per travelers desire and wish.Hiking tour in Nepal is amazing experience with in short period. We Himalayan Worldwide Trekking and expedition arrange Nepal Hiking holidays as per trekkers / travelers wish and holiday schedule with amazing lifetime experience!

Hiking in Nepal Nagarkot Hiking:

Nagarkot hiking offer beautiful Himalayan views including the top of the world (Mt. Everest 8848m), Langtang Himalayan range, Rolwaling Himalayan range , Ganesh Himal range with beautiful landscape & mixed culture of Nepal. Nagarkot is located 30 km to the east of Katmandu on the valley rim, Nagarkot is the favorite weekend gateway for those who seek Himalayan Scenery and rural serenity. From Nagarkot, you witness the stunning view of mountains that extend all the way from Dhaulagiri in the west past Mt. Everest to Kanchenjunga in the east. The surrounding countryside of Nagarkot is great for walking. Nagarkot is situated at an elevation of (2,175 m.) and provides a grandstand panorama of the Himalaya. You can see five of the world’s tallest Mt. Everest (8,848m.), Lhotse (8,516m.), Cho Oyu (8,201m.), and Makalu (8,463m.). The snow peaks look especially gorgeous during sunset and sunrise.
Nagarkot, surrounded by terraced hillsides and picturesque farm houses, the hilltop resort is the epitome of an idyllic escape. Short hiking options abound. The most popular walk leads down from Nagarkot along a ridge to the temple of Changu Narayan-with views of Sankhu village to the right and Bhaktapur to the left.

Dhulikhel Hiking :
Dhulikhel Hiking offer beautiful Himalayan views of three different Himalayan region, Local Newari culture and nice terrace fields . Himalayan viewing amid nature’s bounty Dhulikhel (1440m.) is a small town with a long history. Records show that it has been around for more than 500 years. The artistic skill and urban ethos of its Newar inhabitants have created a place of charm and beauty. Streets lined with bare-brick houses, carved wooden windows, sloping title roofs, pagoda temples and sacred statues everywhere. You will think you have wandered into a cultural theme park.
The major places of worship here are the Narayan and Harisiddhi temples which are adored with profuse wood carvings. The Gokhureswar Mahadev temple, a 30 minutes walk to the eastern part of town, is a peaceful and scenic spot. The Bhagawati temple is situated at a height in the western part of Dhulikhel and dominates the skyline. From here, you can get a beautiful vista of the town and surrounding areas.
There are many vintage points in Dhulikhel which offers a panorama of the Himalaya that will leave you spellbound. Looking out over low hills and valleys, the mountains rise up in an extended arc stretching
from the far left to the far right. More than 20 Himalayan Peaks can be seen in all their glory. You should get up early in the morning to watch the first rays of the sun hit the summits and their colors change. Sunset views are equally spectacular Nagarkot:

Namobuddha Hiking:-
Namobudha hiking is famous for Buddhist pilgrimage tour. Namobudhha monastery is largest Buddhist monastery of Kavre district situated on a hill above Panauti. It requires an easy drive or good walk to get there. There is an amazing legend related to the Buddha which is commemorated by an ancient stone slab and a stupa with the all-seeing eyes of Lord Buddha. It is good place for meditation

Dakshinkali Chovar Hiking :-
Dasksinkali hiking is popular day package trip near by Kathmandu. Dakshinkali is a tantric goddess worshiped by Hindus all over the world. She is equally venerated by the Buddhist and other Nepalese. The Kali cut developed after worship of fertility cult all over the world. Because of the Tantric influence, she is represented a Skelton without flesh and blood, very symbolic. She represents the eternal time and lives next to the cremation ground. Near Dakshinkali one can visit ancient pharping village offers many arts objects. It is believed that Padmasamba, the founder of Lamaistic School of Buddhism in Tibet. There is Guru Rinpoche's cave where on can see Guru Rinpoche's residence and reminder such as hand print, foot print Head print and other parts of the body. Every day many Buddhist Pilgrimage visit there. Many Buddhist Monasteries are built around there. Chovar is famous of its gorge. Ascending two minutes reach of the Adinath temple, full of pots and pans offered, it is strange to see the entire temple is covered with Brass pot.

Daman Hiking : Just eight kilometers from the Katmandu Valley at an altitude of about 2400 meters (7,872ft) lies Daman. Nestled among the mountains, from here you can see two of the highest peaks in the world, Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.

Gorkha Hiking:
Gorkha hiking tour popular tour destination in Nepal. Gorkha hiking tour offer beautiful Himalayan views of Manaslu & Annapurna region. Gorkha is situated in the western part of Nepal. The main attraction at Gorkha is the16th century royal palace. Also of interest is the temple of the most powerful and popular god, Kalika. This is decorated with ancient art and architecture. Three mountains ranges, the Manasalu, Annapurna and Ganesh Himal which include more than 40 mountains, surround the area. Here you can see the culture of the western ethnic groups.r.

Kakani Hiking:
Kakani hiking offer beautiful Himalayan views of Langtang , Ganesh himal, Rolwaling Himalayan region including beautiful landscape with mixed nepalese culture. Situated at an elevation of 6,500 feet above the sea-level and 25 kilometers away from Katmandu City is hilly Kakani, famous for plenty of terraced fields. Short treks are made possible. The fabulous holiday area of Kakani features enchanting attractions ranging from the beautiful alpine scenery to the magnificent Himalayan panorama, especially of the Ganesh Himal.