Tibet Gama Valley

Tibet Gama Valley trekking

Everest Trek: Trekking Routes along The Gama Valley

Scarcely can a venturesome traveller find a more favorable land for mountaineering and trekking than the one offered in Tibet. Due to the controversial political issue and daunting geographical features, for years, travelling individually in Tibet has only been available to loyal Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims and local Tibetans as well as government-organized package tours.

The allure of Mt. Everest, Lhasa?sacred lakes, etc, however, has never failed to mountaineering and trekking enthusiasts. It was not until September, 1984 that Lhasa was officially open to individual travelers. From them on, the mystique of this holy soil has been steadily unveiled to the outside world.

Gama ValleyThe most beautiful valley in the world-Gama Valley.

For mountaineering and trekking lovers, their ultimate destination will definitely in the Mt. Everest region where several world-class trekking routes can be found. As Mt. Everest range stretches from low valleys (2200m) to towering mountains(8848m), trekkers will be provided with an opportunity to experience the grandeur of Mt. Everest, Mt.Makalu, glacier, and snow leopard, etc.

In addition, Gama valley boasts of its Orchid Valley, an extraordinary attraction as well as the campsite of Gama valley, where tourists are able to enjoy the unusual orchid at such high altitude.

Best Season of Travelling in Gama Valley

April to June and September to October are the best time to travel Gama Valley. During these periods, tourists are able to have an excellent visibility as a result of good weather, and you can fully appreciate the beauty of Mt. Everest, and other mountainous range and orchids are in full blossom from May to June.