Sirubari Village Culture Tours Nepal

Sirubari Village Culture Tours

Sirubari Village Culture Tours Nepal

Sirubari is without one of the most attractive village in Nepal. The village is neat and clean very colorful and warm , while the people are friendly, well education and are enthusiastic about tourism . Sirubari is a compact farming community village. The Unique attraction of Sirubari is the fact that is the model for a growing new trend in tourism in Nepal – a trend takes the visitor within, Experience stemming for the observations from ; without have always attracted visitor to Nepal. For the adventurous, Nepal has been synonymous with trekking , mountaineering expiation, jungle safari , and river rafting. For those seeking spirituality for the visitors has always been the people and the culture. Sirubari, a village in Syangja district southwest of pokhara, is a short drive from Pokhara, followed by the comfortable walk.

The village is on a south facing slope at 1,700m above see label . the climate is ideals at all times of the years with no show ever falling in the village itself. However, the ideal time to visit between September to June. The houses are mostly build from the local materials and are well constructed and comfortable. The overwhelming impression of the village is one of the odder and classiness but with a warm and welcoming feel to it. Foot trails though the village are all stone paved. The villagers love , for flowers is shown in an all year around riot of colors. Being oh the southern slopes of the ridge the village enjoying long sunny day and is ideal for agriculture. In may 2001 . Sirubari in conjunction wit the Nepal truism board was awarded the PATA Gold award in recognitions of its efforts to preserver the culture and heritage of nepali total life.

Suggested Itinerary:

Day 01: Arrive in Kathmandu

Day 02: Kathmandu - Pokhara

Day 03: Pokhara - Sirubari

Day 04: Sirubari Village Visit

Day 05: Sirubari Village Visit

Day 06: Sirubari Village Visit

Day 07: Sirubari Village Visit

Day 08: Sirubari - Pokhara

Day 09: Pokhara - Kathmandu

Day 10: Departure