Gurla Mandata Expedition

Gurla Mandata Expedition

Gurla Mandata Expedition (7728m 

This spectacular Gurla Mandata massif makes up part of the western section on the Himalayan lying in the Burang Country of Tibet. It is a close neighbour to the sacred Mount Kailash, which lies to its north. The local inhabitants call it the Namo Nanyi meaning "Fairy's Peak". Gurla Mandhatais made up of six ridges. The west ridge is shaped like a fan and stretched across from north to south, while the eroded east ridge forms extremely steep cliffs. Also to the north lies the holy lake Manasorover and Langatso.

Gurla Mandata was first climbed in 1985 by a Sino Japanese expedition. This 7000er has been climbed only five times since the first ascent up until now. This is rather amazing given the fact that the mountain was attempted as early as 1902.

The ascent takes place on the northern slope through the Zalompa glacier. The scenery is magnificent; down below stretches the arid Tibetan plateau enhanced in beauty by the sparkling lakes Manasorovar and Rakyas with Mount Kailash as the backdrop. The climbing is relatively safe with the route crossing the left side of the glacier to reach a plateau under the summit's ridge. Base camp is at the foot of the glacier at 5600m.

Climbing itineraries:

Day 01 : Arrival Kathmandu. Transfer to hotel.

Day 02-04 : Stay in Kathmandu for Tibet visa procedures.

Day 05 : Drive to Zangmu (2300m). Overnight in hotel.

Day 06 : Drive to Nyalam. (3750m). Overnight in hotel.

Day 07 : Nyalam, acclimatization days.

Day 08 : Trek to Lake Paiko Tso. Overnight in camp

Day 09 : Drive to saga. Overnight in camp.

Day 10 : Drive to Pariyang. Overnight in camp.

Day 11 : Drive to Darchen. Overnight in camp.

Day 12 : Trek to Dhiraphuk Gompa. Overnight in camp.

Day 13 : Trek over Drolma Pass to Zutulphuk. Overnight in camp.

Day 14 : Trek to Darchen and drive to Mansarovar, Overnight in camp

Day 15 : Drive to Gurla Mandata Base Camp.

Day 16-36 : Climbing Period

Day 37 : Cleaning up Base Camp

Day 38 : Drive to Pariyang. Overnight in camp.

Day 39 : Drive to Saga. Overnight in camp

Day 40 : Drive to Paiko Tso. Overnight in camp.

Day 41 : Drive to Zangmu. (2350m). Overnight in hotel.

Day 42 : Drive to Kathmandu. Transfer to hotel.

Day 43-44 : Stay in Kathmandu

Day 45 : Departure from Kathmandu.